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Welcome to the ATF Archive: This site is an archive of the catalogs, instructions, and other documents from the old, pre-2008 American Toy and Furniture Co


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Order Forms (Not Currently Active)

The below files are old order forms. They are not to be used as of now. They are only here for historic reference.

About the Archive

The American Toy and Furniture Co Archive (ATF Archive) is a simple site with the purpose of providing resources and info about the company. American Toy and Furniture Co was a Fox Valley based manufacture that ran from the early 1900s up until around the year 2000s. Throughout their time they released hundreds of products that were loved by children around the USA.

Many of those products are still around, and this site is here to allow owners of those products to find relevant info that may help them repair/refurbish those products.


Is American Toy and Furniture Co still in business?

No, the company officially shut down in 2008.

There seems to be a new American Toy and Furniture, is that the same company?

There is indeed a new corporation operating under the same name, in fact that is the very company that is operating this site! Our goal is to bring back the classic products they made. You can find out more about that company at

Are these files free to download?

Yes they are! We are making all of these documents and photos free and open to everyone. If you would like to help support our site please consider purchasing one of our products or donating.

Can I upload any ATF files I have?

Yes you can! Head over to our upload page and tell us about the file you have. We will then email you if it is something we could use on the site.


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